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We provide high-level, action oriented advice to investors, entrepreneurs and early stage companies trying to raise capital.   We also take private equity positions where needed and provide critical management support at all levels for early stage companies.  


Our practice focuses on carbon capture and energy storage technologies in all their complexities servicing the startup, the end user, and the investor.  We do not do software only or AI companies.  We operate in the physical world.

For investors and companies we provide a holistic view of the technology, its market, and its scaling feasibility based on the team, the regulatory environment and the supply chain. 


For endusers we pride ourselves on spotting and evaluating second order effects—the stuff that reduces benefits and customer satisfaction—but never gets talked about by the vendors.  For example, the losses incurred every time electricity goes in and of a battery storage system including the heating needed to cool the system and the fire suppression requirements.


Electron Storage is a Lavin Holdings Company

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