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We are a generalist firm and can provide a broad variety of decision oriented services.


Service Examples

Board representation for early stage companies


Financing advice and contract negotiations

Direct investment

Senior management services including interim CEO assignments


Evaluations of proposed energy related project savings.


Building owner structuring to maximize the pass-through of expenses for energy project to tenants.

Identification of technological pitfalls in proposed energy plans.


Holistic evaluation of the real impact of energy projects—there are always second order effects.


Project Management Supervision


Other Services:


Electron Storage provides business and technology evaluations for investors and early stage companies with energy products that are tangible---we don’t handle software or non-energy related services.  We draw upon both our technology experience and our startup experience in building companies from scratch that have exited at over $1 Bn. Is the product “must have”? Is the product plan realistic?  How does the distribution channel operate?  Does the potential customer care enough to take the chance of pioneering the product?   Is the management team credible?  As in all our work, we offer action items, not long bookshelf reports.


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