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Why Electron Storage

The principal of ESI is James Frederick Lavin. 


In the technology arena he founded and served as CEO of Switch and Data Facilities Co, the first nationwide carrier neutral data center company building out 34 data centers in the US and Europe.  He founded and served as CEO of Fireaway, Inc. the global leader in aerosol fire suppression technology which is widely used in electrical installations.  He founded and served as CEO Ney-Li Pte, a Singapore based developer of ultra-efficient AC/DC converters, and he was instrumental in the successful IP and strategy reorganization of Arbinet.  He is a board member of Electrical Grid Monitoring which develops advanced sensors and monitoring software for transmission and distribution grids.  He has served as senior advisor of Tubz/Zeta Energy a lithium metal/sulfur battery startup and Energetico and advanced climate processing company.  ESI has completed an number of advisory assignments for customer and investors in the energy storage space.

For the past 8 years Mr. Lavin has concentrated on the evolving market in Carbon Capture and sequestration.  He has direct contacts with many of the seminal companies, researchers and thought leaders in the field of deploying technologies to slow and potentially stop global warming. ESI's viewpoint is focused on issues including the supply chain that would prevent massive scaling as small steps and small improvements won't dent the 1,000 gigatons of excess CO2 that will be in the atmosphere.  Electron Storage, Inc. is in the process of creating a fund to assist researchers and early stage companies develop toward deployment readiness and will bring money, hands on advice, skilled technical and business partners, and a network of contacts to the task. 

For real estate owner and managers trying to visualize the complete comfort and financial impacts of energy improvements, Mr. Lavin brings true in depth experience.  During his real estate career, Mr. Lavin has negotiated the sale and financing of several billion dollars of real estate, and negotiated approximately 2,000 leases and license agreements as both landlord and tenant.   He has been a principal, a tenant, an asset manager and a property manager providing for a truly 360 degree perspective.  He has worked for and with Eastdil Realty, Stone-East Associates, Parkville Associates, Bankers Trust, DRA Advisors, and The LeFrak Organization.


For building owners evaluating energy saving solutions such as advance air conditioning or energy storage, ESI combines in depth technical knowledge, entrepeneurial experience, practical experience in project management and extensive experience in all phases of real estate.  We can and do provide a unique perspective to our clients allowing us to evaluate proposals, structuring, technology, and the companies behind the technology. We provide actionable advice, not reports to file.. Lavin has been directly involved in the design and installation of extensive electrical switchgear installations and was responsible for the development and fiscal structure of the first solar power installation on a high rise office building in New Jersey.  The structure resulted in the pass-through to long term tenants of virtually all of the cost of installation providing superb returns to the building owner.  He was responsible for the energy purchasing and strategy of one on the largest New York area real estate organizations in the turbulent 2007-8 period. 


To complement his unique perspective, ESI draws upon a circle of close associates with specific expertise in when required.  Electron Storage Inc. is a member of the NY-BEST organization. 




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